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What Is An Acupuncture Face-Lift?

What Is An Acupuncture Face-Lift? Does It Really Work?

By Amy Shouse | Published April 15, 2017

Experience a new vitality and glow with facial acupuncture treatments. This non-invasive, gentle treatment involves the placement of tiny, hair-thin needles on the face that effectively stimulate collagen production and promote elasticity. You can reduce wrinkles and experience a fresh, vital look in as soon as one treatment.

Treatments include facial massage and specially formulated Chinese herbal creams to further enhance the holy trinity of a youthful, vital appearance: circulation, rehydration and relaxation.

Because beauty is a reflection of health, facial rejuvenation acupuncture is more than a facial. It is also a full-body treatment. Included in each treatment are individualized body points for whole body wellness, as well as nutritional guidance and supplement recommendations to improve healing and vitality from the inside out.

Does facial acupuncture hurt?

For the most part, facial acupuncture/rejuvenation involves minimal sensation. For those who have sensitivity, we can apply a gentle numbing cream to the face in order to minimize any discomfort. Overall, the experience is relaxing and revitalizing.

How many treatments will I need?

Because facial acupuncture stimulates circulation so effectively, you will notice a glow to your face in as soon as one treatment. For most people, fine lines begin to diminish between 3-6 treatments and a subtle lift will appear between 8-10 treatments.

The usual course of treatment is a commitment to once or twice per week for a total of 8-10 treatments. After that period of time, you can plan on coming in for a facial rejuvenation “tune-up” once every 6-8 weeks or so.

Does facial acupuncture really work? I mean, c’mon, how can you give someone a face-lift with acupuncture?

This is a question that is asked often by those who first hear about facial acupuncture as an alternative to a face-lift. They are skeptical, and rightfully so! There are so many products and methods on the market that promise to reduce the effects of aging and many just don’t really seem to deliver.

For those who are skeptical and or just plain curious, here it goes:

Yes, Facial Rejuvenation really works. But, let’s talk about what we mean by, “works.”

Are you going to come see me in one treatment and leave looking like one might look after surgery? No, you are not. Acupuncture is not surgery and doesn’t claim to be. Facial rejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure for those who are looking to reclaim a revitalized glow to their appearance. The “face-lift” part of the procedure produces results that are subtle and gradual. This is not a treatment for those who expect what a cosmetic surgeon can do. This is a treatment for those who wish to obtain a fresh, natural look and do not want to go under the knife. This is also a treatment for those who wish to obtain health from the inside out as well. The focus on overall constitutional wellness is just as important as the facial treatment.

Ok, I get it. So then, how does it actually work?

As I mentioned above, my mantra for facial rejuvenation is circulation, rehydration and relaxation. Each one of these words in my mantra has ancient acupuncture theory and modern science to back it up.

Circulation: Hair-thin needles are placed on the face at specific points designated by the acupuncturist as important to lift and tone based on the anatomy and musculature of the face. Intradermal needles are also placed directly into wrinkle lines. These tiny needles produce areas of “micro-trauma” within the wrinkle itself. These tiny areas of “micro-trauma” are there just long enough for the body to register and send signals for repair to the area, which stimulates collagen production. This action of collagen production will begin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles over time with each treatment.

Due to the needle placement, the face will also get a fresh, abundant surge of blood coming in. This acts to help repair wrinkles, but it also gives the face a beautiful glow. Think about how pregnant women tend to have a “glow” about them. A big reason for this is the increased circulation of blood to the body and face during pregnancy.

Rehydration: During the facial enhancement treatment, there will be a face massage that includes the use of specially formulated masks and creams to rehydrate the skin. I also use a serum that includes hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring compound in skin and joints and is abundant in youthful skin. Hyaluronic acid draws water into the skin and literally rehydrates and plumps. The act of using the serum directly after needles are taken out is so that the serum penetrates the dermis deeply and effectively.

Relaxation: Anyone who has ever had acupuncture will tell you that it is very relaxing and grounding. In my acupuncture treatments, I include stress-relieving points as well as immune enhancing points. The goal of treatment is to have you looking beautiful AND feeling healthy and beautiful at the same time. I use the dual-pronged approach of guiding healing from the inside-out, as well as the outside-in.

It has been shown that chronic stress can be debilitating to health and actually shorten the lifespan. Those who have chronic stress have more damage to DNA. As cells divide, the tips of DNA strands called, “telomeres”, the protective coating of our DNA, become more frayed and damaged when the body is under stress. In essence, the more healthy and less stressed you feel, the more healthy you will become.

So, during facial rejuvenation, I make a special focus on relaxation and stress-reduction. I do this with strategic use of points, but I also use facial massage to further enhance relaxation.


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