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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

What Is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaches partner with clients seeking positive life changes. Coaching is a client-centric; you’ll always be respected as the expert of you! The process is generative – it creates opportunities to discover what you want and what works best for you. There are many directions you could take. You may find movement and exercise you love to do, rather than feel you should do. You may explore what kind of diet gives you the most energy and has you feeling your best. You may choose to focus on resilience, navigating stress and addressing chronic injury or disease. Wellness coaching is effective across the aspects of wellbeing; physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and social.


How does Health & Wellness Coaching work?

Your wellness coach will be your guide as you create a wellness vision that is personally meaningful and built on your values, strengths, and motivations. You’ll partner with your coach to brainstorm experiments and strategies and develop a plan of action. Together with your coach you’ll set goals and refine them as you learn and create new habits. You’ll build accountability and confidence as you go. Coaching is most effective in engagements lasting from 3 – 6 months. Your coach is not a physician or therapist but is an expert in a process of collaboration that supports behavior change.

What are the benefits of Health & Wellness Coaching?

New habits, behaviors, personal insights and an increased sense of well-being are common outcomes. Coaching is effective in support of clients diagnosed with conditions that can be managed and improved through lifestyle change.  Clients learn self-compassion, increase self-efficacy and build agency around their own health and wellbeing. A study from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of 12 weeks of wellness coaching showed improvements in, “overall quality of life, the 5 domains of QOL, depressive symptoms, and perceived stress levels.”

How is coaching incorporated at the Northern California Center for Integrative Medicine?

Coaching at NCCI is a way to superpower the insights and information from your clinical care team. Your coach will help you understand recommendations from your provider, prioritize them based on your own values and motivations and create a plan of achievable small steps that lead to lasting change. Throughout the process, your coach will be in communication with your provider to ensure that your care is connected, aligned and on track. Wellness Coaching at NCCI is available as part of the Metabolic Health Method program or as a separate service.

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