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Why Health Coaching?


Wellness WheelEveryone wants more health and vitality and we all know what we SHOULD be doing, that’s not the problem. Facing a long list of dos & don’t from your care team can feel overwhelming, leaving you stuck and not knowing where to begin. This response to change is completely normal. It is challenging and courageous to shift comfortable habits for the unknown, we don’t know how we might feel or maybe we don’t want to give up cream in our morning coffee or a midnight snack.

Cue the health coach, supporting change is what the coaching process is all about. A coach can help you make sense of that overwhelming amount of information and chart a path through it. You can dive into aspects of wellness from diet to movement, sleep, stress, career, creativity, or relationships. Together you’ll create a step-by-step plan that’s based on the pace of change you’re comfortable with and your personal goals not just those to-dos from your provider. 

Over your sessions together, your coach will be a sounding board and you’ll discuss what’s working week-by-week and brainstorm new approaches together. You’ll be in charge all the way but your coach will be an accountability partner helping you to stay on track. There are other benefits too, you’ll develop a greater understanding of your motivations and build a growth mindset as you learn and explore.

If you’re looking for a way to supercharge your wellbeing and then health coaching at the NorCal Integrative Medicine center could be just right for you. The center offers individual sessions or health coaching bundled with the Metabolic Health program

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