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Doc Talks Episode 3: Shelter-in-Place Eating Habits & What you Can Do Now!


Since the Shelter-in-Place, do you find yourself eating more during the day or night? Are you noticing more emotional or mood-based eating choices since the COVID19 pandemic started?


People are sharing their struggles with emotional eating since the Shelter-In-Place order began several weeks ago. In fact, it’s so prevalent that people everywhere are calling their noticeable weight gain “The Quarantine 15”.


We are all living a new reality and there is no doubt that it’s stressful! But rest assured there are ways to cope and simple strategies to use around emotional or mood-based eating choices right now. Me and Dr. Sydne Pomin chat about what you can do to reign it in and feel in control again!


We briefly go over–


1. Recognizing what is an emotion-based eating event (rather than a nutritional one).
2. A Simple Way To Ease into Intermittent Fasting. Delay, don’t deny!
3. Willpower doesn’t work but Replacement strategies do!


Right now you can schedule a Free 30-minute Care Call to discuss how you are feeling and what strategies for health and/or emotional eating you may use right now during our Shelter-In-Place!

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