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Looks Like COVID19 Depletes Potassium! What Should I Do?

Looks Like COVID19 depletes Potassium. 

If you’ve ever been a patient of mine or know me well, you know I drone on and on about trace minerals. You will have heard me say, “Get Your Electrolytes!” over and over. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc…. 

A recent preprint ​article​ (preprint means it has not been peer reviewed yet but is available to read) states that many hospitalized COVID 19 patients in a Chinese hospital had low to severely low levels of potassium. Out of 175 patients, 39% had low blood levels of potassium and 22% had severely low levels of potassium. High blood pressure was associated with severity of low potassium in the blood.

COVID19 patients who have been hospitalized may have low potassium because the virus inactivates ACE2 and makes the body deplete potassium as a result. That said, everyone should get enough daily potassium in their electrolyte consumption. As it stands most people are not meeting this requirement on a daily basis. 

So if you DO GET SICK– Please MAKE SURE TO GET ENOUGH ELECTROLYTES! Bone broth, trace mineral drops, electrolyte powders (that include enough potassium), etc.. Food sources are listed in the above video! 

(People on certain blood pressure meds or who have kidney disease need to be careful about potassium intake. These people should consult their MD.)

Anyone who has ever been in my clinic knows I am a big proponent of trace minerals and they have heard me go on about avocados being a superior source of potassium over bananas. So skip the banana and eat your avocados! Also bananas are the candy-bars of fruit so stop eating them anyway!



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