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Vitamin D & COVID-19: Should I Supplement?


Patients with severe deficiency of Vitamin D are twice as likely to experience major complications of COVID-19

Why is this? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but it seems low Vitamin D may play a role in the overactive immune response in a cytokine storm.

Does this mean you should run out and take high doses of Vitamin D? Not necessarily. Low D status is also correlated with older age, obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance. While it might make sense to supplement reasonable amounts in the winter months or if you have a blood panel that shows low D, its a better bet to get outside, get some natural sunlight daily, exercise, eat foods that contain D and improve your health in general.

Supplement D Properly 

It is also important to supplement D properly. For every molecule of D, you need an equal amount of vitamin A. We didn’t even cover K2, which is also a nutrient that matters when considering supplementation.

The ancestral levels of Vitamin D as shown in the traditional-living African Maasai are around 46 ng/mL, whereas those modern people with deficiency are landing far below that number, often times far below 20 ng/mL. Supplementation also depends on individual lifestyle and needs.

If you have questions about how to optimize your vitamin D status, call NorCal Integrative Medicine and set up your 30-minute free Care Call. 415-630-5322


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