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“We got this.”

First off, you are not broken. Second, you are not alone. We are here to help!

Together, we got this!

Are you seeking optimal health so that you may be your best self in everything you do?  Are you yearning for a transformative partnership with health providers who actually listens? Do you want to not only live symptom-free, but to address the underlying cause of illness and feel your absolute best?

Don’t settle for less! 

Together we will work to:

  • Discover the root cause of your concerns,
  • Uncover hidden blockages to healing and
  • Create an action plan moving forward!

All recommendations and treatments are personalized to you, your lifestyle and specific goals. We will get to the bottom of your concerns using the most appropriate tools. This ranges from sophisticated lab analysis to ancient techniques. All without sending you down a rabbit hole of endless testing or giving you piles of never-ending supplements!

“He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.”

Let’s bring back health and ignite hope today!

Amy Shouse, LAc

Dr. Amy Shouse, DACM, MS, LAc

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What To Do For A Concussion

Have you ever experienced a concussion? Do you think you may have had a concussion even though you did not technically hit your head? Whether it was a recent head injury or one that happened years ago and you are still experiencing symptoms or flare-ups...
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More on Vitamin D and COVID-19….

More on Vitamin D and COVID-19….

              More evidence is coming out almost daily on the effects of Vitamin D on COVID-19. Nutshell: This study took a look at 152 countries over the course of 108 days during the pandemic. As the UV index went...
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Sugar & Immunity: Strategies I use in the Clinic

  Diet affects the immune system. In this quick 10-minute talk Dr. Shouse covers the metabolic impact on immunity and strategies around diet using intermittent fasting and low carb eating without torturing you. This is especially prescient at this time of the circulating virus!
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Immunity & The Sun: What Does Sunshine Have To Do with It?

Immunity & The Sun: What Does Sunshine Have To Do with It?

  We are Creatures of the Sea and the Sun    Our ancestors were built for outdoor living and this lifestyle and adaptation has informed not only our skin color, but how we respond to diseases. When we emerged from the sea, we needed the...
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Amy is a very passionate, thoughtful and personable acupuncturist. I’ve had back pain for years due to heavy lifting at my job. I’ve been to chiropractors and had massages but none of those compare to the relief I got from Amy’s acupuncture treatment! My stress level and tension have gone way down as well thanks to Amy’s help. Her rates are very reasonable and she’s very thorough.

Brett M.

I feel like I cannot say enough about Amy’s acupuncture treatments. They are beyond what I ever expected and have literally been life changing for me. I suffer from many autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fibromyalga, celiac disease. The pain I was experiencing was completely debilitating. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything she is doing. She has an intake process each and every time I see her to become updated on how I am doing. The improvement has been remarkable. I just cannot speak highly enough about how special Amy is in her approach and treatments and I am very grateful that I found her!

Kristina M.

Amy is a nurturing and insightful Acupuncturist. I started seeing her for severe back pain during my second pregnancy and after one session I felt amazingly better. It was relief to have my range of motion back, and to be able to lift my toddler without excruciating pain. I continue to see Amy to address my overall health during this pregnancy. She has counseled me on everything from nutrition and exercise to supplements that will support both baby and me in the weeks to come.

Jasmine G.


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