Should I Track my Blood Sugar?

Tracking blood sugar with a glucose meter or a continuous glucose monitor is an excellent way to gain control over your health. Originally developed for diabetics, glucose tracking is an excellent way for any health conscious person to become empowered and learn more about their...
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Keto Talk with Dr. Jonathan Smith

What is Keto? How does it work? What does it do for the brain? Dr. Jonathan Smith is a Chiropractor in San Rafael, CA who specializes in concussion and traumatic brain injury. We sit down and talk about ketogenic diets, what they are and how...
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Sugar & Immunity: Strategies I use in the Clinic

  Diet affects the immune system. In this quick 10-minute talk Dr. Shouse covers the metabolic impact on immunity and strategies around diet using intermittent fasting and low carb eating without torturing you. This is especially prescient at this time of the circulating virus!
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