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More on Vitamin D and COVID-19….








More evidence is coming out almost daily on the effects of Vitamin D on COVID-19.

Nutshell: This study took a look at 152 countries over the course of 108 days during the pandemic. As the UV index went up, COVID-19 deaths and new cases went down.

The higher the UV index (UVI), the more exposure you get to optimal levels of UVB rays. When UVB rays react with human skin, the body makes Vitamin D, a powerful immune modulating pro hormone. When the UV index goes up (above 3), UVB wavelengths go up and there is better Vitamin D synthesis.

Sunscreen blocks UVB rays. You will not make Vitamin D if you wear sunblock. That said, you do not want to burn. Wear sunscreen when necessary but don’t overdo it.

Smart sun exposure involves getting the right amount of sun exposure for your skin type at the right time of day. The darker your skin, the more exposure you need to synthesize Vitamin D.

For instance, I get 15 minutes a day around the time the UV index is sufficient, but usually no more than that since I am of Northern European descent and my skin is fair. I use sunblock (zinc) when necessary and I make an effort to never burn!






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